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Raymond J. Pilon

After multiple attempts to induce a miscarriage, a determined Spirit, Raymond came “a-kicking and screaming” into this world. The dirt floor of the tiny log cabin in the Metis aboriginal village of Chetik Lake in icy Northern Saskatchewan was already crowded with six hungry siblings and Raymond was, in reality, just another unwanted  accident.  (Although Raymond was an accident, it is only fair to point out that once Raymond was born, his Mother and Father and siblings grew to accept and love Raymond.)

As a determined Spirit Light Being, there was a subtle and promising future for this tiny soul, for infant Light Being Raymond knew there was a purpose for his being here on Earth in physical form.

Raymond would be a Light Being in human form challenged with many obstacles before being able to share his unique life purpose. Raymond’s school years were emotionally painful, often being the target of emotional and physically painful bullying.

While Raymond was gifted with an IQ of 145, he intuitively knew something was “not right” with himself but didn’t  know what or how to fix it.  He failed five grades and experienced twenty minute sleep attacks three to five times during the day- bringing on fury from his teachers and ridicule from classmates.  Raymond’s self-esteem shrank so low that when his geometry teacher brought him to the front of the class to reward him for an unusual 100% on a geometry test Raymond couldn’t hear her, and believing the teacher was ridiculing him started to cry. The teacher (Nun) looked at Raymond and said, “Why are you crying?  I am very proud of you.” Raymond forced a reply through his tears, “What did I do wrong?  I’m only used to failing.  Please tell me what I did wrong?”

Raymond didn’t know his IQ was so high. No tester had told him and no one did until he was in his thirties and a former classmate who had overheard the testers years ago, told Raymond.

No one, not even Raymond, discovered he had Narcolepsy that is known to be an incurable sleep disorder until he was age 27, long after Raymond had left school and home. During the time that the doctors had been trying to treat Raymond for his sleep attacks, Raymond became addicted to Ritalin and remained so for ten years. Determined to rid himself of this addictive substance, Raymond set aside the Ritalin, going cold turkey to be drug free. 

In his late forties Raymond finally realized he is a true, non-physical “Light Being” living in a human body, and that Narcolepsy had no right to exist in his body.  Deciding to make this realization a guiding force and inspiration, Raymond attracted the miracle he had long been waiting for and cured himself of Narcolepsy.  During the interim, Raymond had attended university and at age forty three he received his Bachelor of General Studies, BGS, with a major in psychology from Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada.  Also at Simon Fraser University, in 1983, Raymond studied Drama and thereafter enjoyed a five year career in acting.

In 1987, influenced by the International Human Unity Conference at UBC, Vancouver, BC, Raymond transcended from a hard-nosed experimentalist in psychology to metaphysics, and started an enriched spiritual path of self-discovery and knowledge.  In 1990, he entered a Science of Mind ministerial licensing program and in 1997 began an RSI, Religious Science International, church in Ladner, BC.  In 2001, Raymond and his wife, Blenda, moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia where they launched a second RSI church called “GOD IS ONE” from which Rev. Raymond retired in 2005.  The name RSI was changed in 2012 to UCSL, United Centers for Spiritual Living.

In 1993, Raymond married Blenda.  He often claims, “Blenda is the greatest success of my life.  Through our marriage I have found ultimate joy.” 

After retiring in 2005, Raymond and Blenda decided to travel.  It was in Costa Rica on a Caribbean beach on March 2, 2009, Raymond received his Dream # 1 from the ethereal Pleiadian named Angelica.  Angelica asked Raymond to deliver her message to the world as a book and movie: The QUANTUM LOVE GENE.  In November, 2012, the book was released as an E-book, and in January, 2013, it is being released in hard copy by  With this success, Raymond moves forward to attract the best book publisher and movie producer to deliver Angelica’s message.

Raymond says, “I know Angelica’s message is vitally important to empower us to make a choice to evolve beyond the conditions here on Earth.  Through Angelica’s message we must remember our Pleiadian origins and awaken our True Nature as Light Beings.”  Raymond knows he was born into this world to serve this purpose: to deliver Angelica’s message to the world – the message that the dolphins have been holding in secret for 26,000 years.  


Written by the Author, Raymond J. Pilon

On March 2, 2009 while in Costa Rica, I woke up one morning about 5:30 AM. That morning there was a particular beautiful sunrise. We were located 50 m from the ocean on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

After sitting down with my little goodies, six bananas and a cup of coffee I looked at the pen in front of me. It seemed a little strange.  It was imploring me to write something. Well I had a very strange feeling that picking up the pen would start something that I've never experienced before.

I no sooner picked up the pen and my head began to feel like an avalanche of thoughts had flooded in.  I remembered my dream from last night almost word for word. WOW!

A beautiful Being with a human face and a long white robe sat about 2 m in front of me. She spoke, “Raymond I need to send a clear message to the people of Earth.  Would you be willing to be that messenger?” 

I had a lump in my throat but I knew I had to say something. “Why me?" I said.

To that query she answered, “Raymond you have a very vivid imagination and you are awake.

I interrupted at this point and said, “I don't think so.  I think I'm sleeping and you're in my dream.”

She said, “The point is Raymond that you know you are a Spiritual Being, not a Human Being, and that you are having this amazing incarnation in human form.”

She said, “My name is Angelica.  I am from a system called the Pleiades and we are known as Pleiadians. Our home world is about 500 light years from here. Raymond we are the original immigrants to Earth but more about this later. So you haven't answered my question: are you willing to be our messenger?” 

So I looked Angelica in the eyes and what did I see?  I saw God smiling back at me. I said, “Yes, I will be your messenger.”

“Wonderful Raymond,” Angelica replied.  “You see Earth and its solar system is about to go through a huge Black Hole not to mention the fact that Earth herself is suffering greatly from the human abuse of its resources. We have come invited with 10,000 ships. We can help, but the people of Earth must decide for themselves.

So this is how it is. I will make this very easy for you, Raymond.  I will tell you the MESSAGE in story form. I will dictate to you while you are asleep dreaming.  “When you wake up don't talk about it, write about it… better yet, make a movie out of it and don't worry about it. The Law of Attraction is in motion and all the people, places and circumstances will come flooding in to help beyond your imagination. As a matter of fact, although they don't know it yet, Steven Spielberg will produce it and James Cameron direct it. They will discover this shortly. Now put down your pen and relax.  Enjoy this beautiful day.  We will visit again tonight and tomorrow you will write.  This will take up to three weeks.  It'll be fun, I promise.”

I could hear the beautiful sounds of the birds around me – many, many different types of birds and the sound of my sweetheart, my wonderful wife and partner, calling me for breakfast. 

   Here is Angelica's message, as told in her story.


As Dennis Moore said in his book review (see Book Review), “Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, are known as the “Big Three of science fiction.  They would be proud of this book.”


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