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By Blenda Pilon

Because I was an eye-witness to this event, it is better that I write about it rather than Raymond. The event is about Raymond’s channeling Angelica from Pleiades. It is Angelica who dictated to Raymond the story of The Quantum Love Gene in a series of forty-one dreams in 2009.

The date is June 12, 2013. It is the third day of the Linking Awareness Intercellular Workshop presented by Loesje Jacob in Armstrong, BC located in the Okanogan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. There were seventeen of us humans attending the workshop and eight to ten dogs. We sat in a large semi-circle in the barn that had been converted into workshop space. We had been doing awesome work through guided meditations entering into an intuitive process where we mentally scanned the bodies of live dogs and horses to determine where there were health issues and what the animals wanted to communicate to us humans—and with the dogs, particularly to the dog owners.

Having successfully done this for a couple of days, my husband, Raymond, asked our wonderful facilitator Loesje, who endorsed his book, The Quantum Love Gene, if she was going to do any work with humans. About ten minutes later Loesje answered by saying (and I am paraphrasing), “Clear the massage table. Raymond I want you up on the massage table.”

Loesje’s message was clear. Raymond laid himself down and asked Loesje, “Is it okay if I go into Theta?” By that, Raymond literally was asking Loesje if it was okay for him to enter into a hypnogogic state that is used in hypnosis…in this case, in self-induced hypnosis.

Loesje responded in the affirmative. Raymond took one deep breath and was gone. No longer was he consciously aware of the proceedings around him.

Sensing the change, this little three-year-old male Shiatsu/Jack Russell dog that we had started dog-sitting just five days prior started making a terrible fuss. His name is Mylow and Mylow was on-leash sitting in front of my chair on the floor. The rest of the dogs were quiet and Mylow broke the dog silence with a piercing howl. All heads turned to look at Mylow. Loesje said, “Let Mylow off the leash and let him go.”

Mylow dashed over to the massage table trying to find a way to climb up on it. Loesje lifted Mylow up and placed him at Raymond’s feet. This was not good enough for Mylow. He inched his way along the edge of the massage table up to the front of Raymond’s head. Mylow then began licking Raymond all over his head – and I literally mean all over his head. Raymond didn’t move an inch and normally Raymond only tolerates a little licking by dogs. Mylow got right into the licking and Loesje told us that Mylow was part of healing. This was Mylow’s mission.

When “Enough licking was enough”, Loesje lifted Mylow down and handed him to Dwight Whitson who had accompanied Raymond and me to Armstrong. Somewhat reluctantly Mylow followed Dwight all the while keeping his eyes on Raymond.

Back at the massage table Loesje rubbed gently over Raymond’s stomach area. Perhaps soothed by her gentle strokes, Raymond started talking. Actually, what really happened is that Raymond started commanding us in a loud and powerful voice that was different from his normal voice: “Awaken! Awaken! The time has come. You must awaken! Awaken and know that you are Spiritual Light Beings! The time has come. It is important to hurry. The Black Hole is approaching faster.”

Then Raymond went silent and you could hear a pin drop. All of us were taking in his words—the powerful commands. It was obvious to most sitting in the room that these were not Raymond’s commands. They were commands channeled by an Alien Being through Raymond. This Alien Being was Angelica from Pleiades—the same Angelica who channeled the forty one dreams to Raymond.

With the channeling complete, Loesje moved her hands making little circular movements above Raymond’s left temple in his forehead. With those types of finger-hand movements, it looked like the same movements one makes when kneading bread…only this time Loesje was kneading the energy Raymond needed. Loesje spoke. She said, “Now I know why the Pleiadians chose Raymond to be the messenger. Raymond is wired differently! I will make some necessary adjustments to keep the portal open.”

I interpreted Loesje’s words to mean she was making sure that Raymond’s portal for receiving information from Angelica and other Pleiadians would be kept open. Loesje believes in the importance of Angelica’s message for the Planet and wants it to be delivered.

Loesje ended by saying, “I commit to helping Raymond and keeping the portal open.”

When Raymond awakened he had no memory of anything that happened—absolutely no memory of the dog licking his face, of what he said in his commanding voice, or anything that Loesje said or did. The last thing Raymond remembered was asking if it would be okay to go into Theta.

Will there be more? I believe that there will, but we need to stay tuned in and listen. We need to begin asking ourselves if we have a Quantum Love Gene? If we do, is our Quantum Love Gene awakened? Are we ready to receive the awesome powers of our Quantum Love Gene?

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God Bless, (Hunab-Ku) Pleiadian

Revs Raymond and Blenda Pilon, retired Centers for Spiritual Living ministers





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