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ynopsis of The QUANTUM LOVE GENE

Facing certain destruction by an approaching Black Hole and self-destructive behavior of man, a creative solution must be discovered or Earth and its inhabitants will perish. Young David Chartrand, a precocious computer genius is haunted by Angelica, the ethereal alien from Pleiades who promises David that the Pleiadians will avert the catastrophe when David unlocks the secret code of the QLG (Quantum Love Gene) lying dormant in Man and convinces Earth’s people to make a choice to shift to a Love-based spiritual consciousness.  To save Earth and its people from destruction David races against time, the Illuminati, and deadly political forces.  Privately David is plagued by his own doubts whether Angelica is real or a hallucination, and whether he is insane like his mother. Will David’s efforts bring salvation, or will we be shredded to pieces and swallowed up by the Black Hole?


Dream #26, March 26, 2009, Sandy and Myra Meet Again.          David has a Big surprise from Myra.

     Dr. Sandy Travers is director of Citation research at the UC Marine Laboratory. She is an activist involved in protests against the “1%, the Illuminati" the bad guys." Sandy goes unnoticed into the control room which oversees the Dolphin pools. Her intuition tells her to communicate with Myra in an effort to understand what happened the other day when she spoke to Myra about a Black Hole image. The overwhelming pain in her head needs to be explained and resolved. Dr. Sandy Travers decides to talk to Myra directly. She approaches the dolphin pool and poses her question to Myra:  “Is there a danger, is the big black Something a Nothing, and is it a doorway? Myra… a doorway? Is the back door the Black Hole? Myra leaps into the air with excitement while chattering.  Her answer is obviously affirmative and it is translated both vocally and telepathically:  “YES, YES, Black Hole is approaching and is yet to be experienced.”

     Myra then goes on to explain to Sandy that the sudden pain Sandy is experiencing is because she, Myra, has miscalculated Sandy’s capacity to process a very large burst of negative imagery of the Black Hole. Myra apologizes to Sandy.

     Dr. Sandy Travers befriends David Chartrand at a conference on universal translation where David unveils his new UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR. Sandy asks David if he could invent software to include the Dolphins in his Universal Translator. David assures Dr. Sandy Travers that he will do just that and will do it easily, A.S.A.P.

Sandy says, “David, would you like to meet at the coffee shop across the street?”

     David accepts Sandy’s invitation. They sit down in a booth at the coffee shop. Sandy says, “Remember the black-out experience you had at the Dolphin pool?”

David replies, “Yes, how could I forget? That was pretty freaky.”

     Sandy continues “I want you to come back to the pool. I think I can help you with that. Also David, remember that injection you got from Dr. Reinhart? Well ever since then you seem to have blocked out memories of your mother. David, take a look at this drawing.” 

     Sandy slides a drawing of Angelica toward David. The drawing triggers a violent flashback of pain. “David,” Sandy says, “you have been telepathically tampered with by that injection from Dr. Reinhardt.”

     David becomes furious as he is feeling pain and can’t yet comprehend being tampered telepathically from an injection for Dr. Reinhardt.  Emotionally frustrated, David rejects Sandy’s story.

     “Okay, David, tell you what.  Come to the Marine lab and I will help you unlock those repressed memories.”

     Still angry, David agrees. They leave the Coffee shop and they take Sandy’s car to the Marine Lab to meet the Dolphins. When David arrives at the pool the Dolphins react crazily, leaping with joy and blasting David with sonic waves. In a whirl of visions David begins to remember.  Many flashes of his mother and Angelica break Dr. Reinhardt’s programing.

      “WOW,” David says, “I remember my new Pleiadian friend.”

     Then it hits David, “Oh my God!  Angelica and I, we have some kind of plan to save the world…at least, I think so.” 

     Next David focuses on Myra and jumps into the pool to greet her. David places a necklace around Myra’s neck. The pendant is David’s latest invention, the new UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR, including the Dolphin language. Myra gently rubs her big dolphin nose against David’s chest. Then Myra looks up at David with her big crystal brown eyes and telepathically and audibly says, “David I have something to give you that my species has been holding for 10,000 years.”



As Dennis Moore said in his book review (see Book Review), “Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, are known as the “Big Three of science fiction.  They would be proud of this book.”


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