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                Book Testimonials, Questions and Answers

Galina Coffey-Lewis, author of Memories, Musing and Mystics says, The QUANTUM LOVE GENE could be a hotter product than Avatar.

Nelson Brunanski, author of several mystery books, the latest one being Southern Exposure said, “WOW!  A great story!  I love both the story/movie and the realization that we  are all Spirit Beings.  Raymond, you had a lot of nice interplay with what we know, what science fiction has brought us, and how the Pleiadians draw the two together.”

Loesje Jacob, owner of LINKING AWARENESS, International Body Talk for Animals Instructor said, “I Love and I am the Quantum Love Gene! Wow, this book reminds me of my life journey and adventures around the globe. My connection with the dolphins and Pleiadians has been validated time and time again while reading Raymond’s words. Thank-you Raymond for your passion, dedication, and courage."

Trudy Baker says, Hey Raymond, I'm proud of you. Or should I say: Hey Angelica, I'm proud of you to have found Raymond.

                             Questions and Answers

Question: What is the intention of the movie?

Answer by the Author, Raymond: The intention of the movie is to deliver a message from Angelica: it is to help in the awakening of mankind to know that we are Spiritual Beings and are evolving. When we realize this, we will also realize that we are all part of a Oneness greater than ourselves.  We are inter-connected in our thoughts, feelings and actions. At a spiritual level we are whole, complete and perfect, and “as such” are Love. We can choose to use Love and thus to change our world from a fear based world to a love based world.

Question: Will the movie create harmony?

Answer by the Author, Raymond: 

This inspirational, action-packed Sci-Fi story is captivating and exciting. Angelica delivers a very imperative and profound MESSAGE relative to our pending global catastrophes because of the approaching Black Hole and our destructive behavior of our environment.

Question: Is the Black Hole a fear tactic in the movie that makes us change?

Answer by the Author, Raymond: The answer depends upon how you want to envision the Black Hole. The actual Black Hole does exist and it is moving closer to us. In the movie the Black Hole is a threat to our entire existence that motivates our ancestors, the Pleiadians, to intervene and to come and help us to awaken and know we are Spirit Beings. When we know this then our Super Love Genes that have been held in secret can be activated.  Love is the greatest force in the Universe!  Love overcomes all obstacles.

The Big Question is: Will we Evolve, or will we Perish?  Which will you choose?


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