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A 3-page Synopsis of  the Treatment:


                             by:Raymond J. Pilon

Facing certain destruction by an approaching Black Hole and the self-destructive nature of man, Earth’s survival hinges on eight-year-old super genius David Chartrand’s growing up!

David, the hero, is the visionary son of physicist father, Pierre Chartrand.   In a desperate attempt to save his son, Pierre Chartrand sold his own soul and engineering expertise to a corrupt international cartel of powerbrokers intent on controlling Earth at all costs.  David battles multiple forces aligned against him: his father’s evil power-hungry employers, his loneliness and despair following the death of his mother, the visions of Earth’s demise that terrify David, and the fear that he, like his mother, is going insane.

For what else but insanity could be causing David’s visions of the ethereal Angelica? 

Angelica is the beautiful extraterrestrial who claims to be from the planet Pleiades 500 light years away.  Angelica first appears to David through his Quantum-nano computer which he invented. Angelica must convince David to use his super powers to help save failing Earth and its inhabitants.  Over the past 10,000 years they have been drugged into amnesia and complacency by the elite 1%, the Illuminati.  The consequence?  People have forgotten that they are Spirit Light Beings endowed with the dormant QLG (Quantum Love Gene), with superpowers like telekinesis, telepathy, and shape shifting.  

Angelica continues to make suggestions to David.    Confused and excited, David fears this surreal Angelica who guides him and haunts his dreams, both waking and sleeping.  He wonders:  is Angelica real or is she simply hallucination?

Coming to David’s rescue is Sandy Travers who works at a UC marine biology laboratory.  Working with dolphins she learns to truly communicate with them.  One special dolphin named Myra starts telling Sandy about Angelica and about what they must do to help the people facing the end of the world.  Excited, Sandy seeks to befriend David and share her findings with him.  David avoids Sandy but she keeps reappearing in his life.  Sandy believes that the dolphins hold essential keys to Super Powers and that David can discover what they are.  Sandy is attracted to David and tries to trick him into the lab where he will come face to face with Myra and the other Dolphins.  Will Sandy succeed or not? Is romance in the air?

The evil forces of the 1% continue to gain power as they incite global disruption and environmental catastrophes.  With the Black Hole approaching Earth, they prepare to evacuate to a secret luxurious and self-sufficient underground bunker.  Meanwhile the remaining 99% encounter their ultimate dilemma.  Will they remember they are Spirit Light Beings and make a quantum shift, or will they choose to remain pacified, mentally drugged and fooled by the powerful 1% and perish?

Angelica and her 10,000 ships in orbit around Earth are ready and await the decision of humanity to accept their help. If humanity does accept their help, the 10,000 ships will form a shield around Earth. This shield will make it possible to go through the Black Hole unharmed. However if humanity votes not to make a shift and accept their help, then humanity and Earth will perish. To this end David, Angelica, and Sandy launch an all-out campaign to convince humans to make the shift and accept Angelica’s help.  It is up to each individual to choose. Volition is the fulcrum.

How many people will take a quantum leap forward shifting and thus acknowledging their existence as Spirit Light Beings?  Will making this Quantum Shift release them from their imprisonment of fear and doubt and herald in a new world and existence?

The End

Written by: Raymond  J. Pilon

Writers Guild of America # 15551674

WGA REGISTRATION NUMBER: 15551674-O3/01/2012


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