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J. Pilon, BGS.

Choice Maker Productions

Raymond Pilon was born in a small log cabin with a dirt floor in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. He is the last of 7 siblings. Raymond served in the Canadian Armed Forces, and received a BGS. from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, a Business Management Diploma from Sprott College in Richmond, BC, Canada, and his Ministerial degree from the Church of Religious Science in Canada in 1997 (now called the United Centers for Spiritual Living (UCSL)

Together Raymond and his wife, Blenda, brought the work of best selling relationship author, Dr. John Gray, into Canada. They facilitated Dr. John Gray’s Mars & Venus workshops and set up the first Mars & Venus counseling center in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Together Raymond and Blenda appeared on numerous television shows including BC. News Hour. Raymond has spent 5 years as an actor in the movie industry in British Columbia, BC, so he is familiar with the set.

Raymond launched two Religious Science Churches, one in Vancouver, Canada, and another called
God is One ”, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A few years after retiring from the ministry Raymond traveled with his wife Blenda and as part of their travels they went to Costa Rica for eighteen months living fifty meters from the Caribbean Sea where Raymond began writing his book based on forty one dreams called The Quantum Love Gene.


Blenda Pilon

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)
Choice Maker Productions

Blenda Pilon was born in Jamestown, NY, and grew up in Westchester County, a prestigious suburb of NYC. Blenda graduated from Indiana University in 1968 with an MSc. in Psychology and later received a degree as a hypnotherapist from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. The majority of Blenda’s career has been in the areas of counseling and ministerial work. Blenda started off her career as a guidance counselor in a high school in Berwick, Pennsylvania, and officially ended her career some forty years later as a guidance counselor in a middle school in North Carolina.

In between these years, Blenda moved to Canada where she became a dual citizen and started a private practice in Vancouver, BC, Canada, called Professional Clinical Therapy specializing in relationships. In her private practice spanning seventeen years Blenda saw over 6,500 clients successfully.

Together with her husband, Raymond, they brought into Canada the work of the renowned bestselling relationship author, Dr. John Gray and co-facilitated his relationship workshops. Blenda wrote a relationship book called FALLING IN LOVE AND STAYING IN LOVE that was endorsed by Dr. John Gray.

Having a strong interest in metaphysics, Blenda went on to become a minister in the International Centers for Spiritual Living and with her husband was a minister in the church called "God Is One" in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  A few years after retiring from the ministry Blenda traveled with her husband and as part of their travels they went to Costa Rica for eighteen months living fifty meters from the Caribbean Sea where Raymond began writing his book based on forty one dreams called The Quantum Love Gene. During the writing of his book, Blenda helped Raymond with editing, inspiration, marketing, and the launching  of the QLG team. 

Now having returned to Canada, Blenda assumed the position of CEO of ChoiceMaker Productions. Blenda is fully committed to helping Raymond get the vital message that was delivered to him by the alien Pleiadian, Angelica, out to the world. This will be done via his action-packed movie and book. With events speeding up and the world in critical condition, Blenda believes this is the perfect timing for the release of The Quantum Love Gene.


Bill Code
Marketing Consultant

Since 1984, Bill Code has been devotedly making waves in the Graphic Arts and Desktop Publishing Industry. In an era where computers were strictly used for calculations and research, he was an original member of the Softa Codeworks Team, pushing the boundaries of what computers are used for, and becoming a pioneer in his field.

Later, Bill worked with technology that has allowed the creation of the modern print shop. By the early 1990’s, he worked as the Production Manager in various local print shops, and advanced to personally producing and publishing numerous local, national, and international publications. Bill has worked on prestigious publications such as Canadian Biker Magazine and Real Blues Magazine, and his layouts and ads have been featured in hundreds of different works worldwide.

Over the last 13 years, he has been working with the Grizzlies Hockey Franchise and Travel Host Magazine for 12 years as a graphic designer, as well as taking on iindependent contracts with over 100 local businesses.

Complementing a career in graphic design, Bill is an avid fan of comic books and movies and has produced and hosted a number of specialty conventions. Throughout the years he has been a co-owner of a video store, a plant store, a toy store and an animation and props company.


               Sandy Levey-Lunden
Sandy Levey-Lunden has been conducting workshops internationally for over 25 years, with more than 10,000 people in attendance.

Sandy teaches sixteen different classes, and one of them is the Art of Personal Marketing. She has graciously shared her marketing expertise in supporting The Quantum Love Gene project. 

Sandy has also introduced other major players, such as our talented editor,
Rev. Valerie Shahan

We invite you to visit her website at: Her phone numbers are: (360) 527-2796, and (866) 285-0654.

Rev.Valerie Shahan

One of my single greatest joys is to work in helping people awaken to who they truly are. Blenda and Raymond contacted me inquiring if I could help edit the text of
 The Quantum Love Gene

As I read through the manuscript, I caught the hope and essence of the 
story: of being free and choosing a 
better way. 

It was my very happy task to correct some editorial details and make a few 
suggestions regarding some alternative forms of expression. 

I believe in this story and pray it goes far in carrying it's message of peace, love and connectedness.  

Valerie can be contacted


Esther Hart
Author, Speaker, Freedom Coach, Author Mentor


In 2005, after years of being on what she considered a conscious spiritual journey and having written Journey to Personal Freedom, detailing many of the insights that had dramatically transformed her life, Esther found herself in a state of despair that was completely foreign to her. She didn’t recognize herself. She couldn’t access the positive person she had been. Her life seemed black and hopeless.

 It was this experience that shattered many of the beliefs that she had held on to, even though they caused her pain. She learned to implicitly trust her inner knowing, thereby experiencing true freedom for the first time.

Esther wrote the story of that death and rebirith in Giggle Factor, a Grownup Fairy Tale.

 She continues to inspire people with her talkscoaching and writing, always encouraging others to trust their own knowing.

 She gets great pleasure from supporting other writers to blossom into authors so that their inspirational stories can reach the people they are meant to inspire.

Esther is pleased to have the opportunity to support Raymond and Blenda with this project.


Jeff Graigen

I am an actor and in
The Quantum Love Gene Teaser Trailer, I played the part of the hero, David Chartrand. I was made-up to look older than I am. I am in my twenties, attending the Vancouver School of Acting, and am currently making a number of commercials. In my spare time I work as a Fitness Coach. I love acting and I want to play the role of David in what I believe will be a block-buster movie, The Quantum Love Gene.

Jeff can be contacted at, and by phone at 778-835-2765

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